Remarkable Words That Start With Ru – A Comprehensive List

Words have the power to evoke emotions, convey ideas, and express feelings. It is no wonder that people are always on the lookout for new and interesting words to add to their vocabulary. In this article, we explore words that start with Ru – an uncommon but fascinating group of words that can help expand your vocabulary and improve your writing and speaking skills.

Ru- Words – An Introduction:

Words that start with Ru are a rare and unusual group of words. Despite their rarity, these words can add color and richness to your language. From technical terms to poetic expressions, Ru- words have a wide range of uses.

Words that Start with Ru – A Comprehensive List:

Words That Start With Ru infographic
Words That Start With Ru infographic

Here is a comprehensive list of words that start with Ru:

  1. Rub
  2. Ruby
  3. Rubbish
  4. Rude
  5. Rudimentary
  6. Rueful
  7. Rugged
  8. Ruin
  9. Rule
  10. Ruler
  11. Rum
  12. Rumble
  13. Ruminant
  14. Ruminate
  15. Run
  16. Rundown
  17. Rune
  18. Runner
  19. Runway
  20. Rural
  21. Rush
  22. Rust
  23. Rustic
  24. Rustle
  25. Ruthless
  26. Rupee
  27. Ruse
  28. Rugby
  29. Ruffle
  30. Rumor
  31. Runaway
  32. Rupture
  33. Russian
  34. Rusty
  35. Rutherfordium
  36. Ruination
  37. Rubric
  38. Ruble
  39. Ruggedly
  40. Ruminative
  41. Runoff
  42. Rummage
  43. Ruptive
  44. Runic
  45. Rubella
  46. Rube
  47. Rubidium
  48. Rubricate
  49. Rudeness
  50. Ruefulness
  51. Ruffian
  52. Ruggedness
  53. Ruinously
  54. Ruminantia
  55. Ruminator
  56. Runagate
  57. Runnel
  58. Running
  59. Runty
  60. Ruralite
  61. Ruseful
  62. Rushlight
  63. Rusk
  64. Russify
  65. Rusticate
  66. Rusticity
  67. Ruthenic
  68. Ruthenium
  69. Ruthful
  70. Ruthenia
  71. Ruckus
  72. Rudbeckia
  73. Rudder
  74. Ruddy
  75. Rudest
  76. Rudiment
  77. Rue
  78. Rufous
  79. Rugbyman
  80. Ruiner
  81. Ruly
  82. Ruminantly
  83. Runawaying
  84. Rung
  85. Runner-up
  86. Runicstone
  87. Run-of-the-mill
  88. Ruiniform
  89. Ruff
  90. Rumbustious
  91. Ruminate upon
  92. Run for cover
  93. Rupturable
  94. Rustbelt
  95. Rustproof
  96. Ruthenious
  97. Rubefacient
  98. Rubescent
  99. Rubrician
  100. Ructation
  101. Rudderless
  102. Rudimentaryness
  103. Ruefulnesses
  104. Ruffianism
  105. Ruggedization
  106. Ruiniformed
  107. Rulemaking
  108. Ruminatively
  109. Runtinesses
  110. Run-up
  111. Run-through
  112. Runningly
  113. Runtiest
  114. Rushing
  115. Russetlike
  116. Rustication
  117. Rustically
  118. Rustler
  119. Ruthfullest
  120. Ruthlessnesses
  121. Rutherfordite

Ru- Words and Their Meanings:

  1. Rubble – Broken fragments of rock or other material.
  2. Rudder – A flat piece that is used to steer a ship.
  3. Ruminant – An animal that chews cud, such as a cow or sheep.
  4. Rupture – A break or tear in a body part or object.
  5. Rubric – A set of rules or instructions.
  6. Ruse – A trick or deception.
  7. Rustic – Relating to the countryside or rural areas.
  8. Ruin – The remains of a destroyed building or structure.
  9. Ruffian – A violent and lawless person.
  10. Ruminative – Inclined to think deeply and ponder over something.
  11. Ruff – A collar or trimming on a garment.
  12. Runic – Relating to ancient Germanic writing.
  13. Rug – A piece of thick fabric for covering a floor.
  14. Rupee – The basic monetary unit of India.
  15. Runt – An animal or person that is smaller or weaker than others.
  16. Rumple – To wrinkle or crumple.
  17. Rufescent – Reddish or turning red.
  18. Rugged – Having a rough or uneven surface.
  19. Ruminate – To think deeply about something.
  20. Rudiment – A basic principle or element of a subject.

Commonly Used Ru- Words and Phrases:

  1. Rude awakening – A sudden and unpleasant realization of the truth.
  2. Rule of thumb – A general principle used as a guide.
  3. Rumor has it – An unconfirmed piece of news or gossip.
  4. Rub salt in the wound – To make someone’s pain or suffering worse.
  5. Run-of-the-mill – Ordinary or average.

Using Ru- Words in Sentences:

  1. The earthquake left nothing but rubble in its wake.
  2. The captain used the rudder to steer the ship through the storm.
  1. Cows are ruminants that have a four-chambered stomach.
  2. The rupture in the pipeline caused an oil spill.
  3. The teacher gave us a rubric to follow for our essays.
  4. He used a ruse to distract his opponent and win the game.
  5. The rustic charm of the countryside appealed to her.
  6. The ruins of the ancient temple were a sight to behold.
  7. The ruffian was arrested for assaulting a pedestrian.
  8. She was in a ruminative mood after her breakup.
  9. Her dress had a beautiful ruff around the neckline.
  10. The runic inscriptions on the stone tablet were deciphered by the archeologist.
  11. The plush rug added warmth and coziness to the living room.
  12. The price of a rupee has decreased in recent years.
  13. The runt of the litter was the smallest puppy in the litter.
  14. She rumpled her skirt as she sat down.
  15. The autumn leaves had a rufescent hue.
  16. The rugged terrain made it difficult to hike.
  17. He needed time to ruminate on the decision before making a choice.
  18. The rudiments of coding are easy to learn with practice.

FAQs About Ru- Words:

Q: How many words that start with Ru are there?

A: There are around 300 words that start with Ru in the English language.

Q: Are Ru- words commonly used in everyday language?

A: No, most Ru- words are uncommon and not used in everyday language.

Q: Can Ru- words be used in poetry?

A: Yes, Ru- words can be used in poetry to add color and depth to the writing.

Q: Are there any technical terms that start with Ru?

A: Yes, some technical terms that start with Ru include rubidium, ruthenium, and rutherfordium.

Q: Can Ru- words help improve vocabulary skills?

A: Yes, learning new words that start with Ru can help expand vocabulary skills and improve writing and speaking abilities.


Words that start with Ru may be uncommon, but they can add depth and color to your language. From technical terms to poetic expressions, Ru- words have a wide range of uses. By adding these words to your vocabulary, you can improve your writing and speaking skills and impress your audience with your linguistic prowess.

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