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Why Etsy Takes So Long to Ship Items

Why is my Etsy order taking so long to ship?


Why does Etsy take so long to ship

Many questions from readers of the Hamzahere site about complaints of frequent delays in sending Etsy packages.

Etsy is known for its “Slow Ship Policy,” which dictates that items must be delivered within a certain number of days. This policy is enacted to ensure that customers are delighted with their purchases.

The delay can be frustrating for buyers, who may feel disappointed by the seller. Despite Etsy’s slow shipping policy, the site still has high sales.

The exact answer is from several factors below:

  1. First, Depending on what type of product you buy, If you believe in a digital product, delivery can be direct via message, or you can download it on the order page. However, suppose you order physical effects such as wall hangings, birdhouses and all other forms of physical products. In that case, processing the delivery to your destination address will undoubtedly take a long time.

Processing times also vary because each Etsy seller determines this. From our personal experience, sellers usually process shipments on average for three days or less than a week.

  1. Furthermore, why does Etsy delivery take so long because of the policy of each shipping cargo? Of course, we know that Etsy uses third-party services to ship every item ordered worldwide.

So this is very natural when a buyer on Etsy long waits for his order to arrive home.

  1. Another problem is that Etsy is late sending the product because you may have ordered a Custom product. For example, if you order a personal name printed on a silver necklace, it can also be printed on a key chain with steel.

This is also one factor that makes Etsy shipping take so long.

How Long Do Etsy Orders Take To Be Dispatched?

Several factors can affect how long an Etsy order can take to ship, but first, you might be interested in reading our guide on how to sell on Etsy for beginners.

  1. International Shipping
  2. How big is your product?
  3. Courier in use.

International Shipping

Etsy international shipping
Etsy international shipping

First, Shipping goods overseas can take several weeks or even more than a month. This is a problem that is often found in customs. You can find the product from which the item was shipped in detail by checking the note “Shipping from” on the product listing page.

In addition, the management of purchasing additional labels for international orders from the order receipt page up to two months after the initial label purchase. For example, For US sellers: If the value of your package is equal to or the US Census Bureau may require more than $2,500.00, an export license number and additional documentation.

It is listed on the customs form as Automatic Export System/Internal Transaction Number (AES/ITN). So it’s only natural that an Etsy shipment will take a long time to reach its destination, especially if you live in the US because customs are very complicated! If you want faster delivery and no problems with customs, obey all the rules that have been set.

How big is your product?

When you buy a product on Etsy with large and heavy items, this is one of the things that can slow down shipping from Etsy. Another thing when you purchase large products is also the high cost of shipping rates. We don’t recommend buying bulky items online, as this can cause shipping delays.


Etsy offers free shipping on their product listings. This can lead the seller to try and find free shipping options. These are often a little longer than premium options but offer a great cost-effective option for sellers and buyers.

Regardless of how big the item is or where it’s being shipped from, using a premium cargo service will get your item home fast. Here are Etsy’s premium courier services:


Etsy takes a long time to ship items because they are processing orders manually. This can cause delays in receiving your order and potentially lead to a refund or replacement. If you have a question about your order, be sure to reach out to Etsy customer service.

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