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    What happens if my guinea pig eat alfalfa hay?


    Alfalfa hay is wealthy in protein and calcium, however when mixed with grains, it does not have the fitting ratio of calcium and phosphorus. This could result in improper gastrointestinal motility, equivalent to diarrhea. It may well additionally predispose sure guinea pigs to bladder or kidney stones from calcium oxalate.

    Can my guinea pig eat alfalfa hay?

    Make certain your guinea pigs have a gradual provide of grass and/or grass hay (equivalent to Timothy, Oaten, Barley or grass hay). Guinea pigs shouldn’t be fed Lucerne (alfalfa) or clover hay, as they include an excessive amount of protein and calcium.

    How A lot Alfalfa Hay Can Guinea Pigs Eat?

    1) Hay: (70-75%)

    Your guinea pig ought to have unrestricted entry to high-quality grass hay. Your guinea pig ought to eat a pile of hay the dimensions of its physique on daily basis. Keep away from alfalfa hay except directed by your vet.

    Can child guinea pigs have alfalfa hay?

    Younger (below six months), pregnant, lactating or sick animals could profit from consuming alfalfa hay along with grass hay due to its greater dietary parts. In any other case, alfalfa ought to solely be given as a deal with sometimes. Take into accout: Grass hay ought to make up the majority of your pet’s each day eating regimen.

    How lengthy do guinea pigs want alfalfa hay?

    Guinea pigs over 6 months outdated ought to be fed timothy pellets. Pellets containing alfalfa are excessive in calcium (alfalfa is calcium-rich). Guinea pigs 6 months or much less want the additional calcium for improvement; guinea pigs over 6 months outdated.

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    What’s poisonous to guinea pigs?

    Onions and garlic

    These two mixed make an excellent seasoning for virtually all the things. Nevertheless, onions and garlic each belong to the plant group Allium and so they include some substances which are poisonous to guinea pigs.

    Why is alfalfa hay good for child guinea pigs?

    At sure phases of life, alfalfa hay is an appropriate meals for guinea pigs. Pregnant and lactating guinea pigs and infants below 6 months of age want further calcium and protein of their diets, so feeding alfalfa is okay for them.

    Can Guinea Pigs Eat Horse Hay?

    Sure, guinea pigs can eat broom hay regularly. Brome hay is a well-liked type of horse hay. It has a low calcium content material and an analogous dietary worth to different grass hay.

    Can Guinea Pigs Survive With out Pellets?

    So long as you feed a nutritious diet with totally different greens, they are going to be effective with out pellets. They might want slightly extra veggies than earlier than.

    What hay ought to I feed my guinea pig?

    “The popular primary eating regimen for guinea pigs is limitless quantities of Timothy or different low-calcium hay, supplemented with smaller quantities of economic, high-fiber Timothy-based guinea pig pellets.”

    What’s the greatest hay for guinea pigs?

    The straightforward reply is that Timothy hay is the most effective hay for guinea pigs. Including some pasture hay as bedding and a few oat hay to nibble on is the proper mixture. The most affordable shouldn’t be all the time the most effective within the case of guinea pig hay.

    Why do guinea pigs squeak?

    Squeal: Some guinea pigs will squeak once they expertise potential ache or want consideration. Generally one other guinea pig could steal its favourite consuming spot. Watch your guinea pig should you hear a beep, as it might point out that they need assistance from one thing that’s hurting them.

    Can Guinea Pigs Eat Too A lot Hay?

    The brief reply is that you just actually cannot put an excessive amount of hay within the habitat of a rabbit or guinea pig. The extra hay they’ve out there, the extra doubtless they’re to consistently forage and graze, which is extraordinarily necessary not just for their bodily well being, but additionally for his or her psychological stimulation.

    Can Hay Make Guinea Pigs Sick?

    Don’t feed hay that seems moldy as it may make your pets sick. Plus, preserving moldy hay could make you and your guinea pigs sick!

    Can guinea pigs eat hay cubes?

    Timothy Hay Cubes 3 lb – 100% pure, excessive fiber, solar cured Timothy Grass Meals & Deal with – rabbits, guinea pigs, chinchillas, degus, prairie canine, turtles, hamsters, gerbils, rats and small pets.

    Do guinea pigs want fixed hay?

    Timothy hay: Present a vast quantity of contemporary timothy hay on daily basis. Guinea pigs want fixed entry to hay to assist their digestion and restrict the expansion of their tooth. Vegetables and fruit: Recent greens may be supplied as soon as a day and may equate to about one cup complete per guinea pig per day.

    Can guinea pigs have a lick?

    Providing a lick simply places further strain on their little our bodies. An imbalance within the eating regimen of calcium and phosphorus also can trigger critical bladder issues. Additional minerals, coupled with the opportunity of dehydration from an excessive amount of salt, places your guinea pig in danger for bladder sludge or stones.

    Can guinea pigs go per week with out greens?

    Grownup guinea pig

    It isn’t going to kill them no. Pigs in pet shops do not get greens and that is for weeks at a time. However that’s in fact not excellent. They will not such as you a lot with it, however I doubt it should harm them a lot for two days…

    Can guinea pigs survive on hay alone?

    Guinea pigs can eat as a lot grass hay as they need, however portion management is required for pellets, and even wholesome treats like veggies, fruits, and Hey!

    Can Guinea Pigs Eat Cattle Hay?

    Can I feed my guinea pigs the hay that every one the farmers in my space feed their cows (I do not know what hay it’s). Can I try this usually? The best hay for guinea pigs is grass hay equivalent to timothy or orchard hay. Guinea pigs shouldn’t have clover hay or alfalfa hay as a staple meals.

    Is farm hay appropriate for guinea pigs?

    I feed my pigs the identical hay as our horses, each animals are anatomically very comparable and equally vulnerable to intestine and respiratory issues (sure, actually!) So the best way I see it, if it is ok for the geeks, it is ok for the guinea pigs.

    Can guinea pigs eat hay as an alternative of grass?

    Hay and grass

    Do not forget that guinea pigs want hay and/or grass to maintain their digestive system functioning correctly. Additionally, their tooth are all the time rising, and consuming hay helps to put on them all the way down to hold them on the proper size and form. The fallacious eating regimen could cause critical dental illness.

    Will guinea pigs eat moist hay?

    Recent hay shouldn’t be moldy or damp, ignore hay that isn’t contemporary as it may be dangerous to your guinea pig. Listed here are Clover and Peachy simply after I put contemporary hay of their cage.

    Are you able to eat guinea pigs?

    Guinea pig, or cuy as it’s known as, is a delicacy. The meat is prized and tastes like a cross between duck and rabbit. When cooked correctly, a guinea pig’s meat is wealthy, fatty, and flavorful, whereas the pores and skin, when roasted over a sizzling hearth, provides the crackling pork a run for its cash.

    How do I do know if my guinea pig has been poisoned?

    The signs of poisoning can differ primarily based on the reason for the poison. Usually, the signs are diarrhea, salivation, pores and skin rash, labored respiration or a fast pulse. Guinea pigs cannot vomit, so they will not vomit if they’ve an upset abdomen.

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