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    What does kulani mean in Hawaiian?


    Kulani is a Hawaiian identify that means ‘Heavenly‘. It comes from the Hawaiian phrases “ku,” that means “to be like,” and “lani,” that means “heaven.”

    What does Kalani imply in Hawaii?

    Kalani. Origin: Hawaiian. Which means: sea and sky, chief.

    What does Na Koa imply in Hawaiian?

    Nakoa Origin and Which means

    Nakoa is a boy’s identify and means “warriors”. Nakoa is a High 100 identify for boys in Hawaii. It gained extra fame after actors Lisa Bonet and Jason Mamoa selected it for his or her son.

    What does Makeo imply in Hawaiian?

    Makeo Origin and Which means

    means it is ripe for a spike in recognition.

    What does Kaloni imply in Hawaiian?

    Origin: Hawaiian. Reputation:5532. Which means: heaven, sky; royal.

    Hawaiian Phrases and Phrases with Moana’s Auli’i Cravalho | Teen Vogue

    What does Kayloni imply?

    Which means of Kayloni: Identify Kayloni of Irish origin, means Kayloni means summer time forest.

    What does the identify Kaloni imply?

    Hawaiian Child Names Which means:

    Kaloni is a Hawaiian child identify that means “The sky; chieftain”.

    What does makaio imply in Hawaiian?

    The identify Makaio is primarily a gender impartial identify of Hawaiian origin that means reward from God. Hawaiian type of the identify Matthew.

    What does kapulu imply in Hawaiian?

    Hawaiian Phrase of the Day: KAPULU (Kah-poo-loo) means careless, unclean, unkempt.

    What does Mako imply in Hawaiian?

    “Mako” comes from the Maori language, that means the shark or a shark’s tooth. Their enamel are extremely valued by the Maoris. It might have originated from a dialect selection, as it’s much like the widespread phrases for shark in a lot of Polynesian languages: “mago” in Samoan, “ma’o” in Tahitian, and “mano” in Hawaiian.

    What does canoe imply?

    Kanoa is a gender impartial identify of Hawaiian origin. This melodious title means ‘the free one’, so it ought to come as no shock when these adventurous spirits begin forging their very own path. In conventional Hawaiian tradition, naming your child is a thought-provoking job, from honoring prophecies to preserving historical past.

    What does the identify Nakoa imply?

    nvs., daring, unafraid, fierce. Actually, courageous eye.

    What does nakoa imply in Indian?

    Which means of Nakoa

    Nakoa means ‘courageous’ or ‘warrior’.

    What does Kai imply in Hawaiian?

    Origin: Kai is derived from a lot of origins. Within the US, it’s typically linked to its Hawaiian roots, that means “sea.” Gender: Kai is normally a boys identify, however is sometimes given to women. Pronunciation: Kye.

    What does Kea imply in Hawaiian?

    [Hawaiian Dictionary (Hawaiian)] kea. 1. nvs. White, clear; light-skinned particular person, typically favored at courtroom (Malo 201); shiny, white mother-of-pearl shell, Cf.

    What does Kali imply in Hawaiian?

    [Hawaiian Dictionary (Hawaiian)] potassium. 1. nvi. Ready, loitering, dawdling, lingering; hanging round; hesitantly, slowly.

    What does Lolo imply in Hawaiian?

    LOLO (lō-lō) A Hawaiian phrase that means silly, wacky, or loopy.

    What does Kawa imply in Hawaiian?

    (PPN-kakawa, PCP-kawa.) 3. n. Chilly mountain rain, fog, fog; rain or fog.

    What does mana imply in Hawaiian?

    In native Hawaiian tradition, the sacred time period mana is named non secular power of power and energy. It’s potential that mana is current in objects and folks. It’s potential for people to achieve or lose mana by the varied choices they make.

    How do you pronounce makaio

    The identify Makaio will be pronounced “Mah-KAH-yoh” in textual content or letters. Makaio is a bay boy’s identify, its principal origin is Hawaiian, Hebrew. The English that means of Makaio is “God has rewarded” and it’s common in Christian faith.

    Who’s Makaio?

    Makaio (pronounced muh-KY-oh) is an 11-year-old male Icelandic killer whale dwelling at SeaWorld Orlando. Makaio was born tail first on October 9, 2010 at 7:28 PM EST. His mom Katina and his father are Tilikum. Makaio is the youngest whale within the park.

    What does Kehlani imply in Hawaiian?

    Hawaiian. “sea and sky”

    What does kolini imply in Samoan?

    Kolini is a reputation that evokes logical reasoning. You might be clever, intuitive, sleek, and even psychic.

    What does Kalani imply within the Bible?

    The that means of the identify Kalani is From heaven.

    What does keilani imply within the Bible?

    The that means of the identify Keilani is Wonderful chief.

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