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    Is Aunt Petunia ever nice to Harry?


    Petunia by no means confirmed any love and affection for Harry as a result of he reminded her of Lily and the wizarding world. She handled him like a waste of area, abused him typically, gave him the cabinet underneath the steps first and let him do all of the chores. She and Vernon ignored most of Harry’s birthdays.

    Did Aunt Petunia attempt to shield Harry?

    In Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, after Petunia receives a roar from Dumbledore, she tries to avoid wasting Harry’s life by having him keep at their Privet Drive residence.

    Was Aunt Petunia individual?

    Petunia Dursley was no angel. The truth is, she was actually, actually terrible. She was negligent at finest to a helpless little one and merciless to him at worst. Harry Potter dedicated no crime besides being associated to Aunt Petunia’s sister, and Lily dedicated no crime (so far as we all know) besides being a witch.

    Why is Aunt Petunia holding Harry?

    Dumbledore defined within the word that Lily had sacrificed her life for her son, invoking an historical and highly effective magic. If Lily’s final remaining kinsman, as Petunia, took Harry in, it will seal the spell and provides him safety from Voldemort.

    Why does Vernon hate Petunia Harry?

    Like Severus Snape, Uncle Vernon’s dislike of Harry stems partly from Harry’s shut resemblance to the daddy they each disliked a lot. Their lies to Harry about how his mother and father had died had been largely based mostly on their very own fears.

    Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Half 1. Deleted Scenes

    Did Petunia go to Harry’s marriage ceremony?

    And the Dursleys did not attend the Potters’ marriage ceremony ceremony. “[Petunia] and Vernon selected to not attend Lily and James’ marriage ceremony. The final piece of correspondence she obtained from Lily and James was the announcement of Harry’s start, and after one scornful look Petunia tossed it within the bin.”

    Did Aunt Petunia wish to go to Hogwarts?

    The Hogwarts headmaster despatched a form reply to Petunia when she wrote to him as a baby begging to hitch Hogwarts. After Dumbledore’s pleasant rejection, “Tuney” started referring to her sister as a “freak.”

    Did Petunia wish to be a witch?

    Petunia wished to be a witch: Rowling reveals that “Petunia had some latent guilt about how she minimize Lily (whom she knew she had at all times cherished in her secret coronary heart) from her life.” She additionally says that Petunia at all times hoped she would present indicators of magic “and be despatched to Hogwarts”.

    Is Dudley ever good to Harry?

    And this maybe comes from Dudley’s primary sources of affect: Mother and Dad. Dudley’s mother and father handled Harry horribly, and the spoiled cousin by no means intervened, encouraging them on many counts as he obtained “closet love” (that’s, an insincere type of affection in alternate for one thing) from them.

    Did Snape know petunias?

    Petunia first met Severus Snape throughout their childhood. She was Lily Evans’ sister, however Petunia was a Muggle, not like her sister.

    Was Vernon about Harry?

    Rowling provides that Vernon hated Harry as a result of he noticed Father James in him, simply as Snape does. “She reluctantly did and spent the remainder of Harry’s childhood punishing him for her personal selection,” Rowling explains. Warner Bros.

    Who’s older Petunia or Lily?

    Petunia was the eldest little one of Muggles Mr. and Mrs. Evans, and had a sister, Lily, who was youthful than she was.

    Had been the Dursleys imply to Harry as a result of he was a Horcrux?

    As for the Dursleys, one persuasive fan principle was that as a result of Horcruxes can have an effect on these round them and Voldemort had made one out of Harry, the Dursleys’ dislike for him was compounded by Voldemort’s magic.

    Why is Harry now not underneath the spell of his mom?

    For the safety to come up, the sufferer have to be given the chance to reside, however consciously select dying. For this reason James Potter’s dying in 1981 supplied no magical safety for Lily and Harry; as Voldemort was decided to kill James and thus by no means gave him the possibility to decide on to avoid wasting himself.

    Did Aunt Petunia have powers?

    Aunt Petunia, whereas definitely not a full-fledged witch, possessed magical skills. She was determined to be accepted into Hogwarts along with her sister, as she knew there was a specific amount of magic inside her. This confidence allowed her to jot down to Dumbledore so simply.

    Who despatched my final Petunia?

    However Aunt Petunia receives a howler monkey – a particular enchanted letter – that claims solely, “Keep in mind my final, Petunia” (2.217). Within the closing chapters of e book 5, Harry discovers that this roar was despatched by Professor Dumbledore to remind Aunt Petunia of her oath to present Harry a spot to reside.

    Who married Dirk Duffeling?

    Mrs. Duffeling was the spouse of Duffeling Duffeling: the couple had two youngsters. When her husband’s cousin, Harry Potter, visited them along with his household, their youngsters performed whereas Dirk and Harry sat quietly collectively.

    What had been Dudley’s final phrases to Harry?

    Dudley talks to his father about leaving as they get into their automotive. His final phrases within the movie are “I nonetheless do not perceive why now we have to depart.” However he additionally has a deleted film scene the place he has one final dialog with Harry, and his final line is “I do not suppose you are a waste of area.”

    Does Dudley have a magical little one?


    Rowling shared how she virtually gave Dudley a magical little one herself. She thought of leaving him on platform 9 ¾ throughout the epilogue. Nevertheless, she determined to not as a result of she thought Vernon’s DNA would have killed any hint of magical blood.

    What’s Aunt Petunia’s secret?

    Within the Harry Potter fandom, Petunia Dursley provides option to a lot hypothesis: maybe there may be extra to it than meets the attention, that Petunia could also be hiding a secret from not solely Harry, but additionally her husband and son, and I consider Petunia’s deep, darkish secret is that she cherished her sister Lily.

    What did Lily identify Petunia?

    They bickered (as sisters do) however we additionally noticed them play collectively, arise for one another, and affectionately name Lily her massive sister “Tuney.”

    Why did not Dumbledore let Petunia go to Hogwarts?

    Though Dumbledore very kindly wrote a reply letter denying her entry as a result of she was a Muggle, Petunia nonetheless felt disregarded. This brought on Petunia to chop off contact with Lily, her sister, and the wizarding world.

    Was Petunia Evans a firecracker?

    No, she’s not Squib. She’s a Muggle, however…[Laughter]. You’ll have to learn the opposite books. It’s possible you’ll be underneath the impression that Aunt Petunia has slightly extra to supply than meets the attention, and you will find out what it’s.

    Is Petunia a Muggle?

    So in line with one Tumblr consumer, Aunt Petunia is not truly a Muggle however a bitter outdated hag, who suppressed her powers after being rejected by the magical group. The idea stems from JK Rowling’s reply to a fan query throughout a dialog in 2004 on the Edinburgh E book Pageant.

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