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    Did Aunt Petunia want to be a witch?


    Petunia wished to be a witch: Rowling reveals that “Petunia had some latent guilt about how she minimize Lily (whom she knew in her secret coronary heart she had at all times liked) from her life.” She additionally says that Petunia at all times hoped she would present indicators of magic “and be despatched to Hogwarts”.

    Why is not Aunt Petunia a witch?

    And here is a Harry Potter idea to ponder: Petunia Dursley was really a witch all alongside. So in line with one Tumblr consumer, Aunt Petunia is not really a Muggle however a bitter outdated hag, who suppressed her powers after being rejected by the magical group.

    Did Petunia know that Lily was a witch?

    Snape additionally later fell in love with Lily, which Petunia could or could not have recognized about. If she did, she was in all probability disdainful about it. When Lily obtained a letter from Hogwarts confirming she was a witch, Petunia wrote to Albus Dumbledore asking if she may additionally research there.

    Can Aunt Petunia do magic?

    She wrote to Albus Dumbledore as a baby

    Not solely did Petunia hold her magical aspirations to herself, she even requested Albus Dumbledore if she may go to Hogwarts. Sadly, as a result of she had no magical means, the type headmaster needed to gently rebuff her.

    Did Aunt Petunia wish to go to Hogwarts?

    The Hogwarts headmaster despatched a form reply to Petunia when she wrote to him as a baby begging to hitch Hogwarts. After Dumbledore’s pleasant rejection, “Tuney” started referring to her sister as a “freak.”

    Petunia Dursley’s BIGGEST Secret – Harry Potter Defined

    Why did not Dumbledore let Petunia go to Hogwarts?

    Though Dumbledore very kindly wrote a reply letter denying her entry as a result of she was a Muggle, Petunia nonetheless felt omitted. This induced Petunia to chop off contact with Lily, her sister, and the wizarding world.

    Was Petunia ever good to Harry?

    Petunia by no means confirmed any love and affection for Harry as a result of he reminded her of Lily and the wizarding world. She handled him like a waste of area, gave him the closet beneath the steps first and let him do all of the chores. She and Vernon ignored most of Harry’s birthdays.

    What’s Aunt Petunia’s secret?

    Within the Harry Potter fandom, Petunia Dursley provides option to lots of hypothesis: Maybe there’s extra to it than meets the attention, that Petunia could also be hiding a secret from not solely Harry, but additionally her husband and son, and I consider Petunia’s deep, darkish secret is that she liked her sister Lily.

    Can a Squib have a magical little one?

    In uncommon circumstances, non-magical mother and father (Muggles) can produce magical offspring, referred to as Muggle-borns. In even rarer circumstances, some magical mother and father could have kids who’re incapable of magic, referred to as squibs. Squibs can work together with the magical world, which means they’ve barely extra magical talents than Muggles.

    Does Dudley have a magical little one?


    Rowling shared how she nearly gave Dudley a magical little one herself. She thought of leaving him on platform 9 ¾ in the course of the epilogue. Nevertheless, she determined to not as a result of she thought Vernon’s DNA would have killed any hint of magical blood.

    Who despatched my final Petunia?

    However Aunt Petunia receives a howler monkey – a particular enchanted letter – that claims solely, “Keep in mind my final, Petunia” (2.217). Within the closing chapters of Ebook 5, Harry discovers that this roar was despatched by Professor Dumbledore to remind Aunt Petunia of her oath to present Harry a spot to stay.

    Was Mrs. Figg a firecracker?

    Mrs. Arabella Doreen Figg was a Squib, a supplier in crossbred cats and kneazles, and a member of the Order of the Phoenix.

    Was Petunia Evans a firecracker?

    No, she’s not Squib. She’s a Muggle, however…[Laughter]. You’ll have to learn the opposite books. You might be beneath the impression that Aunt Petunia has a little bit extra to supply than meets the attention, and you will find out what it’s.

    Did Petunia go to Harry’s wedding ceremony?

    And the Dursleys did not attend the Potters’ wedding ceremony ceremony. “[Petunia] and Vernon selected to not attend Lily and James’ wedding ceremony. The final piece of correspondence she obtained from Lily and James was the announcement of Harry’s delivery, and after one scornful look Petunia tossed it within the bin.”

    Was Lily Potter a Muggle or a Witch?

    Lily Potter (née Evans) was a Muggle-born witch and Harry’s mom. She was born on January 30, 1960 and died on October 31, 1981 on the age of 21. She was fairly younger, 19 years outdated, when she acquired pregnant with Harry and gave delivery to him on the age of 20.

    Why did Aunt Petunia let Harry keep?

    She in all probability thought that Harry was her sister’s final reminiscence or Lily’s final present or the final duty for an older sister and he or she felt sorry for what had occurred to her youthful sister, though Lily was completely different from Petunia, she had Lily in a little bit nook of her coronary heart.

    What if two Muggle-borns have a baby?

    It has nothing to do with genes and is only a assemble of wizarding society. So the magical little one of two Muggle-borns can be half-blood and a non-magical little one of two Muggle-borns can be a firecracker.

    Is Neville a firecracker?

    Marcel Longbottom was thought of a Squib by his kin due to this, though he turned out to be magical. Likewise, Merope Gaunt was referred to as a Squib by her father Marvolo as a blemish, as a result of her depraved magical talents, inhibited by her worry of her father and brother.

    Can Muggles See Obscurials?

    The second piece of proof is the Obscurial assaults, it’s fully invisible to the muggles current, till its reveal after we see it via the eyes of a wizard.

    Is Harry’s aunt a witch?

    In 2004, JK Rowling herself teased that Aunt Petunia may need extra in response to a fan query. When requested if Aunt Petunia was a Squib (a non-magical individual born with at the very least one magical father or mother), Rowling replied, “Good query. No, she’s not, she’s not a Squib. She’s a Muggle.

    Who married Dirk Duffeling?

    Mrs. Duffeling was the spouse of Duffeling Duffeling: the couple had two kids. When her husband’s cousin, Harry Potter, visited them together with his household, their kids performed whereas Dirk and Harry sat quietly collectively.

    How does Aunt Petunia learn about Azkaban?

    4 She knew about Dementors

    Seeing the state his son is in after an encounter with these creatures, Vernon asks Harry what Dementors are. To everybody’s shock, it’s Petunia who solutions. She remembers that “that horrible boy” (which means James Potter) stated that Dementors had been the guards of Azkaban, the wizard jail.

    Was Aunt Petunia an excellent individual?

    Petunia Dursley was no angel. In truth, she was actually, actually terrible. She was negligent at greatest to a helpless little one and merciless to him at worst. Harry Potter dedicated no crime besides being associated to Aunt Petunia’s sister, and Lily dedicated no crime (so far as we all know) besides being a witch.

    Did Aunt Petunia attempt to defend Harry?

    In Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, after Petunia receives a roar from Dumbledore, she tries to save lots of Harry’s life by having him keep at their Privet Drive residence.

    What’s the age distinction between Lily and Petunia?

    Petunia might be one to 2 years older than Lily (however probably 5 years older)

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